Carpet Drying Services Gardena

Drying your costly Persian carpet can cost you lots of money, especially if you entrust the job to a professional carpet drying services Gardena. You can easily do it yourself by following the tips mentioned below.

• Hang your carpet on a clothesline in your garden. The rays of the sun will dry it. Unfortunately, it will also bleach the colors of your precious rug.
• Use your hairdryer to dry the carpet. Unfortunately, you might end up damaging the intricate fabric of your carpet.
• Pat the wet areas of your carpet with blotting paper. Be careful, else, you might end up transferring color from one part of the carpet to the other.
• Apply chemicals on areas of the carpet containing fungus. The bad news is that certain chemicals can damage the fabric of your carpet too.
• Put your carpet on a flat surface in a dry room and turn on the air conditioner. The dehumidifying properties of the latter will dry your carpet. However, do not be surprised if the size of your carpet shrinks.

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