Storm Damage Restoration

Facts About Storm Damage Repair in El Monte, California

Whether you need water removal, structural drying, demolition, fire damage restoration, or more, make contact with Total Restoration Services Group. We serve all of Florida and have more than 100 workers, so we can respond to your disaster recovery needs fast! It is actually crucial to recover your damaged things immediately to avoid more problems later on; thus, we make sure that we can offer you the staffs that do not just help you get rid of your issue but of course help you decrease your expenses also.

Storm Damage Restoration Services in El Monte

Listed here are among the storm damage repair and restoration services that we provide:

Water Damage Repair - Flooding is the most costly kind of natural disaster in America today resulting in billions of dollars every year. We are experts in water removal and drying and are sometimes able to prevent pricey tear-out and reconstruction thanks to our proprietary water damage restoration techniques and superior performing drying tools.

Mold Removal - There usually mold that will grow when it has been storming with heavy rains that could cause floods. Total Restoration Services are still able to give mold removal services in any places of California. The ASA-1000 decontaminant solutions that we are using are environmentally friendly.

Demolition – In case your home or business has obtained damage that can’t be mended, we give demolition services to get rid of the damaged structure from your property so that you can start to rebuild. If the wrong things are taken out and dumped, this can ruin your budget.

If your home have been devastated by the storm, then the damages can be then fixed and recovered as fast as possible. We provide specialist contents restoration services to help save the items important to you. There is more than ten thousand square feet of climate controlled storage inside the facility of the TRS; these will be the place where our clientÂ’s things will be placed.

Structural Drying – This is the next step in the water remediation process. We are also pro in getting rid of humidity, outside air while we do excellent heating up and pumping it into the building; this way, evaporation from a structure. rapidly. We are fully staffed o manage any type or size of water extraction.

Structural Reconstruction – Our team of pros in structural reconstruction services will respond to the huge destruction in your house or business establishment. TRS has skilled pros with more than 50 years’ experience in reconstruction.